We Want Your Paintings!

February 11th, 2022

We are always looking for quality paintings by the artists that we sell or other painters who are recognised names in the important period of art that encompasses impressionism and post impressionism. If you have original paintings in your collection that you are considering selling, then please contact us directly. We purchase paintings from all over the world, so distance is no issue. Shipping directly to us can be arranged worldwide.

We will often pay a premium on auction prices, and you will avoid the lengthy wait to get paid and the costly fees charged by auction rooms for selling your artwork, as well as the risk of the painting going unsold at the auction.

We buy all our paintings outright and pay immediately by bank transfer. We aim to offer a seamless and trouble-free sale process so please get in touch.

Painters of interest to us for immediate purchase are:

  • Gustave Loiseau
  • Henry Moret
  • Victor Charreton
  • Maximilien Luce
  • Edouard Vuillard
  • Eugene Boudin
  • Albert Marquet
  • Elie Anatole Pavil
  • Nikolai Tarkhof
  • Victor Hugo
  • Camille Bopmbois
  • Luigi Loir
  • Edouard Cortes
  • Eugene Galien Laloue
  • Albert Andre
  • Jules Rene Herve
  • Octave Guillonnet
  • Charles Angrand
  • Frank Myers Boggs
  • Alexandre Altmann
  • Emilio Boggio
  • Maurice Brianchon
  • Charles Camoin
  • Ivan Choultse
  • Gustave Cariot
  • Leon  Detroy
  • Georges D’Espagant
  • Pierre De belay
  • Andre Devambez
  • Louis Gaidan


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