Post Impressionist Paintings

Maximilien Luce, c. 1900

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Post Impressionist Paintings

Edouard Vuillard, c. 1890

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Post Impressionist Paintings

Marius Borgeaud, 1921

Post Impressionist Paintings

When it comes to Post Impressionist paintings there is often a lot of confusion over the differences between impressionism, neo impressionism and post impressionism art. In simple terms, the impressionists developed a style of depicting real life subjects. Using bold and vivid colour and often thick applications of paint. The post impressionists continued in that tradition. But became freer and often used unnatural looking colour and distorted shape for artistic effect.

The post impressionist movement developed through the period from 1885 until 1906 when fauvism arrived.  It’s important to remember that many french impressionist painters continued to paint in the post impressionist manner and still do so today. Hence the classification of paintings from post 1906 that are still deemed post impressionist. The leading exponents of this new style were Cezanne, Gauguin, Seurat and Van Gogh. Often these painters are classified as impressionist but in fact, their work is an extension of that movement.


Roger Fry

The term “post impressionist” was coined by Roger Fry the painter and art critic in 1906. He used the term to classify a group of painters work he was promoting in a new exhibition at the Grafton Galleries in London… in Frys words ….

For purposes of convenience, it was necessary to give these artists a name, and I chose, as being the vaguest and most non-committal, the name of Post-Impressionism. This merely stated their position in time relatively to the Impressionist movement”

These few lines of text sum up the best explanation of the differences between impressionist and post impressionism art and paintings. Fry’s group of painters were much younger than the impressionists and as such were pioneering the work of their mentors.

The leading artists in the post impressionist field we have already discussed. Today their work sits at the very pinnacle of perceived value in the art market. There were however a notable number of other painters who exhibited alongside Van Gogh, Cezanne and Gauguin.  Their work is today still affordable and attainable and arguably as beautiful. The work of painters such as Edouard Vuillard, Maximilien Luce, Marius Borgeaud, Robert Pinchon and Henri Edmond Cross. Their work can often be as striking, daring and beautiful as any of the more common household names we associate with this period of French post impressionism art and paintings.


Post Impressionist Paintings for Sale

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