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If you own a painting by one of the painters we have in our gallery or have previously sold then please do get in touch. We pay the best prices for the best works and are always acquiring new stock. Please fill the form below and a member of our team will be in touch. Provide as much information about your art and include, if possible, name of artist, style, size & year.

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Sell Your Artwork

As part of an inheritance or collection you may well have paintings that you are considering selling and realising their true value. One option to sell your artwork is to consign the work for auction – there will be costs involved such as commissions and you will normally have to wait some time for the auction to happen and the auction house to pay you for the sale. Also consider the value of the artwork and ensure that it is correctly catalogued and estimated in order to maximise its value.

Another option is to sell direct to a specialist dealer of the work you are trying to sell. Often you will get the best price and rapid payment from dealers that specialise in the type of artwork you own. If you decide to sell your artwork to a dealer the best practice is to send digital images of the work or works you want to sell, as well as details of the size and any provenance (history) of the painting’s origins. Its always sensible to make sure the dealer you are contacting will actually be interested in the work presented to them as this can help to build a rapport. If the dealer has a track record of selling work by the artist in question this is a good start and will be more likely to lead to a successful sale.

Leighton Fine Art are major buyers of impressionist and post impressionist artwork and typically pay the highest prices for the best pieces from this period of painting. We will assess your work and make you an offer via email. Shipping can be arranged by us and we settle payment in full immediately on safe arrival of the artwork. We would ask that you only submit works from the period we cover and ideally by the artists that we regularly deal in – for information on the painters we are seeking click here.


Best place to sell paintings?

The best place to sell paintings is online. Most people are looking for a quick and easy sale, but by spending a little time researching your painting online and speaking with experts, you can rest assured that you realised the best possible price for it.