La Seine – Envrions de Rouen
by Robert Antoine Pinchon

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Pinchon was a student of Zacharie at the École des Beaux-Arts in Rouen, and also attended Joseph Delattre's Académie Libre there. Fréchon and Lebourg were his teachers and also his friends. He lived and worked in Rouen, where he founded the Société Normande de Peinture Normande with Dumont, Hodé and Tirvert.


Along with Dumont and Guilbert, Pinchon is one of the Rouen artists who understood Monet's teachings best. Monet himself noticed Pinchon's 'eye' when he met him for the first time. On a technical level, he used pure colours, just as they came out of the tube. His poetical art perfectly rendered not only the misty lights of the port of Rouen, but also scenes of daily life, whether of a young woman sitting in a garden or children playing with a ball. Noteworthy are: Embankment in Rouen; Rouen in the Snow; Banks of the Seine; Suspension Bridge at Elbeuf.


In Paris he showed at the Salon des Artistes Français, where he was awarded an honourable mention in 1930 and became a member the same year. In 2003 he featured in an exhibition, Around Impressionism: Nineteen Painters from the School of Normandy ( Autour de l'Impressionnisme: dix-neuf peintres de l'école normande) at the Maison des Arts in Antony.

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