Champ bleu
by Max Agostini


  • Country of origin: France

  • Medium: Oil on canvas

  • Signed: Signed lower right

  • Dated: c. 1980

  • Condition: Very good original condition

  • Size: 13.00" x 22.00" (33.0cm x 55.9cm)

  • Framed Size: 20.00" x 29.00" (50.8cm x 73.7cm)

  • Provenance: Galerie Martin-Caille Matignon

Artwork Biography

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Max-Michel Agostini studied at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris, where he acquired the basic techniques of painting. He worked as a painter in Paris, and later in the Creuse and Midi regions of France.

He showed no interest in the artistic movements that sprang up at the beginning of the 20th century, being one of the many painters of the inter-war period who sought to recreate a peaceful and harmonious world. These painters, among whom the most prominent were Brianchon and Oudot, were known as the 'painters of happiness'. His optimistic approach took in a full range of themes; portraits, landscapes, still-lifes, bouquets of flowers and seascapes. His colourist's palette was inspired by impressionism, and never failed to communicate joie de vivre and his positive world view.

He showed his works from 1974 in regular solo exhibitions at the Galerie Martin-Caille Matignon in Paris.


Greenberg, Janet: Max-Agostini (1914-1997). Rétrospective, Gal. Martin-Caille Matignon, Paris, 1998 (text in French and English).