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By The River
by Eugene Galien-Laloue



Country of origin: France

Medium: Oil on canvas

Signed: Signe lower left with pseudonym E Galiany

Dated: c. 1890

Size: 15.00" x 18.00" (38.1cm x 45.7cm)

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Eugene Galien Laloue Eugène Galien-Laloue was a French painter specializing in the depiction of bustling city life. Best known for his Impressionist autumnal street scenes, Galien-Laloue's works often feature prominent Parisian landmarks and their surrounding milieu, dotted with cheery figures and contemporary means of transportation such as horse-drawn carriages, trolley cars, and buses. He studied under his father, the set designer Charles Laloue, and in 1877, made his debut at the Salon des Artistes Français, where he continued to show works throughout the rest of his career. Credited as being instrumental in popularizing street scene painting, the artist’s works provide historical insight into pre-20th century Parisian life. Born in Paris, France on December 11, 1854, Galien-Laloue died in Chérence, France in 1941. Eugene Galien Laloue

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