Paul-Emile Pissarro

1884 - 1972


Paulémile Pissarro was the son of Camille Pissarro, by whom he was taught and whose example he followed in his choice of rural scenes and landscapes across Normandy and the Île de France. When his father died in 1903, Paulémile gave up painting and earned his living as a car mechanic, although this proved to be a temporary expedient. After seeking advice from Claude Monet, he decided to take up painting again. He exhibited at the Salon des Indépendants, Salon d’Automne and Salon des Tuileries in Paris.


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Foret du Lyons – Eure Paul-Emile Pissarro

c. 1940
Oil on panel


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Foret du Lyons – Eure by Paul-Emile Pissarro - Sold

Les Vacances de Paques – 1938 Paul-Emile Pissarro

Oil on paper laid on canvas


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Les Vacances de Paques – 1938 by Paul-Emile Pissarro - Sold