Victor Charreton

April 23rd, 2024

Victor Charreton is a painter whose work we specialise in and have promoted for many years – today we hold the largest gallery collection of his work in the world. Charreton fits into his own niche which combines post impressionism with the origins of fauvism. He often chose dramatic colours to convey his work,  yet was not frightened of more sombre colour in the pursuit of capturing nature and its seasonal changes.

His winter scenes can often be almost monotone in palette yet some of his summer landscapes are filled with striking and daring use of colour. He is a painter that constantly surprises and never disappoints.

His place in history is now well cemented with an extensive Catalogue Raisonne by Dr Chatin published some years ago and numerous works held in museums and public collections. In comparison with less pioneering painters of the period his work is undervalued in the market at present and will no doubt represent a very good long term investment.