Edouard Vuillard – Intérieur à la fenêtre ouverte

December 7th, 2021

We have recently acquired an outstanding early painting by Edouard Vuillard. The work was originally owned by Prince Antoine Bibesco who was a Romanian exile who lived in Paris. The work remained in Private hands before being sold by Piasa in Paris in 2005 for 118,000 Euros. The work was purchased by Thomas Gibson Fine Art and then sold to a Swiss collector who owned it until it was acquired by us.

The painting is illustrated in Volume II of Vuillard’s raisonne published by Wildenstein and described as follows:

“The window in the background appears to be of stained glass. Through it can be seen a garden, the branches of the trees resembling the strips of lead used to hold together the pieces of glass (blues and blacks at the top , oranges and yellows below). On the right are a green wall and the edge of a door, on the right  couch and a bright pink table with a bowler hat on it: and in the foreground a chair with a gleaming back, to the right of which are two over-lapping patches of w richly coloured, brightly lit rug”