Trois nus en sous-vêtements
by Jean-Pierre Ceytaire

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Jean-Pierre Ceytaire is a trained physiotherapist who now devotes his time to painting and sculpture. He has taken part in group exhibitions: 1985, Caen Biennale; 1984-1989, Salon de la Jeune Peinture and Figuration Critique, both at the Grand Palais in Paris; 1988, Lineart in Ghent; 1991, Paris: from Lutetia to the Grande-Arche ( Paris, de Lutèce à la Grande-Arche), an exhibition held at the town hall in the 9th arondissement in Paris. Solo exhibitions include: 1973 and 1991, Jas de la Rimade in Carcès (Var); 1995, Galerie Les Larmes d'Eros in Paris; 2003 (with Pascale Riberolles), Château de Vascoeuil in Upper Normandy.

Jean-Pierre Ceytaire demonstrates impressive technique. He often distorts human figures and objects, in the interests of humour rather than outright caricature. At times, he exhibits an erotic touch which is reminiscent of Klossowski, whose work Ceytaire recalls in terms of technical quality and, on occasion, its Surrealist elements

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