Nu Allonge
by Paul Sieffert


  • Country of origin: France

  • Medium: Oil on canvas

  • Signed: Signed lower right and signed & numbered verso

  • Dated: c. 1930

  • Condition: Very good original condition

  • Size: 15.00" x 22.00" (38.1cm x 55.9cm)

  • Framed Size: 22.00" x 29.00" (55.9cm x 73.7cm)

  • Provenance: Private collection - United States

  • Literature: This work is numbered 737 verso - designating the number of the work in Sieffert's oeuvre

Artwork Biography

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Paul Sieffert Paintings

Paul Sieffert was born in Paris in 1874. He was an accomplished and highly regarded painter of nudes and portraits. He was student under the renowned French artist and sculptor Jean-Léon Gérôme and later became an inspired student of Gabriel Guay and Albert Maignan. Sieffert exhibited work at the Paris Salon, established by Léon Deschamps from 1894. Later he was awarded the Premier Grand Prix de Rome in 1902 and the Diploma of Honour at the 1937 Internationale Exposition. Paul Sieffert became a member of the League of French Artists and was made a Knight of the Légion d’honneur in 1931. Paul Sieffert paintings have become highly sought after and can be found in private collections and many art galleries worldwide.

Paul Sieffert was a pupil of Jean Léon Gérôme, Gabriel Guay and Albert Maignan. In 1902 he won the first Grand Prix de Rome. In 1931 he was made a Chevalier of the Légion d'Honneur and in 1937 he received the Diplôme d'honneur for the Exposition Internationale. He exhibited in Paris, mainly at the Salon des Artistes Français, of which he was a member from 1894. He was also a member of the committee and the jury. Although he created some decorative works, cartoons for stained glass, illustrations for books, and even, in his youth, several very Realist subjects ( Dockers, Drunken Slave) the latter part of his career was devoted to an inexhaustible output of nudes.

Paul Sieffert Paintings

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