Munich Station – Night – 1905
by Enrique Martinez Cubells Y Ruiz

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Enrique Cubells y Ruiz was the son of the painter Salvador Martínez Cubells. He studied in Madrid at the school of painting, sculpture and engraving. In 1899 he travelled around Europe, visiting Holland, Belgium, England, France, Italy and Germany. He worked in Munich from 1899 to 1900 with the painter Zügel. He taught at the Escuela de Arte y Oficios in Madrid and was an assistant teacher at the Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando in Madrid. He also restored works by his father.


He used mainly neutral tones with dynamic touches of colour to evoke the atmosphere of a landscape, a fishing scene with fishermen and their boats, seagulls on the shore or children on a beach. His work presents a balanced, rounded view of the world around him.


Cubells y Ruiz took part in the Salons of the Madrid national fine arts society from 1897, in the Munich international exhibition in 1901, 1905 and 1906, in the Panama international exhibition in 1916, the Venice Biennale from 1924 to 1942 and the national exhibition of painting, sculpture and engraving in Valencia in 1939. He also showed his work in solo exhibitions: in 1914, in Munich and Berlin; 1918 in Buenos Aires, Rosario de Santa Fe and Montevideo; and 1921 in Rio de Janeiro. He received numerous awards and prizes including: 1909, a gold medal at the Munich international exhibition; 1910, a silver medal at the Buenos Aires international exhibition; and 1912, a gold medal at the Salon of the national fine arts society of Amsterdam.

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