Les Trois Nymphes – II
by Edouard Louis Henry-Baudot



GBP Pound Sterling

  • Country of origin: France

  • Medium: Oil on canvas

  • Dated: 1897

  • Condition: Unlined original canvas - some minor retouchings

  • Size: 17.00" x 49.00" (43.2cm x 124.5cm)

  • Framed Size: 22.00" x 54.00" (55.9cm x 137.2cm)

  • Provenance: The collection of the artists family
    This very early work dates to his "Nymphe" series from 1897 and shows his direct link to the Nabi School of the time

Artwork Biography

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Edouard Louis Henry-Baudot was a member of the Salon des Artistes Français from 1894 onwards, and of the Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts from 1910. He exhibited almost exclusively at this society. He painted many scenes of horses racing, as well as wild animals.

Edouard Henry-Baudot's family was from the Lorraine region. Born in Nancy in 1871, Edouard Henry-Baudot spent his youth between Lorraine and Paris where his family settled after the war of 1870. After solid training at the Académie Julian, he quickly began a career as a painte. His works, classical in style, demonstrate great creative power. He was inspired by Greek and Roman mythology which he treated with an energetic brush and strong compositions, far from the mannerism of the Belle Epoque.

Although not part of the Nabis group, his resolutely post-impressionist painting is linked to this school. Japanese prints invigorated his inspiration, and his view of nature, field work and animal life is imbued with both refinement and almost brutal vitality. His work is never complacent. Alongside animal representations that are both realistic and refined, Henry-Baudot painted the female body with an uncompromising brush, respecting its naturalness and its flaws. His paintings are marked by an intense communion with nature and respect for its authenticity.