Le Vieux Pont – Crepescule, Martigues
by Gabriel-Charles Deneux


GBP Pound Sterling

Country of origin: France

Medium: Oil on panel

Signed: Signed lower left

Dated: c. 1900

Condition: Very good original condition

Size: 26.00" x 21.00" (66.0cm x 53.3cm)

Framed size: 34.00" x 31.00" (86.4cm x 78.7cm)

Provenance: Private french collection

Further information

The frame on this painting is the original frame and was carved and gilded by Deneux. Wherever possible Deneux created his won bespoke frames by hand for each painting and they are a work of art in their own right.

Artist biography

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A student of Gérôme and Cabanel at the École des Beaux-Arts,Gabriel Deneux took part in the Paris Salon from 1880 onwards, obtaining an honourable mention in 1897.

He travelled through Greece and Sicily researching ancient pictorial techniques, such as those using egg and wax. It was a technique involving pigments mixed with wax, known as Encaustic Painting, that he employed for the Tlemcen murals and the decorations in the Palais d'Hiver in Algiers. His painting focused increasingly on the blending of shades rather than on precision of line. In 1890 he published Painting In Fast Colours. His most notable works are A Girl's Burial, The Pardon at Notre-Dame de la Clarté, an encaustic painting, The Return from Mont St-Michel, and Portrait of Madame Nina Pack.

Museum and Gallery Holdings

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