En route vers le bonheur
by Madeline Christine Clavier

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Marie Christine Clavier was born in Saigon in 1913 to french parents and lived there for her formative years. She returned to France as a teenager and began to study painting. Her work quickly developed into paintings of poetry and songs - harmonised in a unique and distinct painting technique.

Clavier painted ro herself rather than for profit as she was quite independntly wealthy. She exhibited extensively in the United States in the 1970s across Connecticut and New York showing at various galleries and cultural centres.

She had numerous solo exhibitions in the 1970’s- notably at the Maison Francais in New York , New York University and Galerie Bernheim Jeune in Paris.

She won many awars for her work including Gold Medals and Palme D’Or’s. In 1988 the prestigious art publisher Leopard D’Or produced an 88 page hardbook book on her life and work - by this point she had virtually given up painting. She died in 2015 aged 102.

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