Robert Mcgregor Paintings

1847 - 1922

Robert McGregor was a member of the Royal Scottish Academy. He exhibited at the Royal Academy in London from 1876, and at the Paris Salon, winning a bronze medal at the Paris Exposition Universelle of 1900. His paintings of agricultural labourers recall the works of Bastien Lepage and Jean-François Millet.

Museum and Gallery Holdings


Bath (Victoria AG): ‘Coemon’: Breton Seaweed Gatherers (oil on canvas)

Edinburgh (City Arts Centre): Gathering Stones (1877, oil on canvas)

Edinburgh (Nat. Gal. of Scotland): Great Expectations (oil on canvas)

Edinburgh (Royal Scottish Academy): ‘Man Goeth Forth to his Work and to his Labour until Evening’ (1888, oil on canvas)

Glasgow: Guignol in Provincial France; Smoker; Fishermen on the Seashore