Richard Doyle Paintings

1824 - 1883

Born September 1824, in London; died 11 December 1883, in London.

Painter, watercolourist, caricaturist, illustrator. Scenes with figures, animals, fairies.
Richard Doyle was the second son of cartoonist John Doyle. He showed an astonishing artistic ability from a very young age and was taught by his father. From the age of 16 Richard produced a body of work which is conserved in the British Museum.

When he was 19 he worked for the journal Punch, for which he designed the cover. He illustrated the works of Thackeray, Dickens, Ruskin and many others. He provided drawings for Cornhill Magazine and painted several watercolours. In 1850 he gave up his work on Punch, where his Catholic beliefs had been attacked. Struck down by apoplexy on 10 December 1883, he died the next day.

Group Exhibitions

1983, Richard Doyle and his Family, Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Museum and Gallery Holdings

Dublin: Triumphal Entry; Isel Kall; Traveller Taken by Surprise; Mother and Child; View in the Studey Royal Park; View at Boxhill; A Deer Park
London (British Mus.): Under the Dock Leaves (1878, watercolour)
London (Victoria and Albert Mus.): The Witch’s Home (1875, watercolour); A Rehearsal in Fairy Land (c. 1870, colour etching); Morals and Customs of Monkeys; Elves in a Wood (watercolour)