Piotr Ivanovich Petrovichev Paintings

1874 - 1947

Piotr Ivanovich Petrovichev was born in Vysotskoe, Yaroslav Russia in 1874. Petrovichev studied at the Moscow College of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture from 1892-1903. He was active in Moscow and a member of the Itinerants from 1906 thru 1911. Petrovichev was a Member of The Union of Artists from 1910: Association of Realist Artists from 1927 as a founding member. Petrovichev exhibited with MOLKh from 1890-1909, the Itinerants from 1901-1912, the World of Art in 1902, and 1903, the Union of Russian Artists from 1904-1923, the AKHRR between 1922 and 23 and the Association of Realist Artist in 1927  & 1928.

Petrovichev taught at the Art College in Moscow in 1905 and again from 1936-1941.

In December 1999, the Rostove Kremlin Museum celebrated the 125th anniversary of Piotr Pertovichev, perhaps the most known artist of Rostov. His works are now held there in their permanent collection.

Museum and Gallery Holdings

Moscow (State Tretyakov Gal.): After the Rain

Rostov Kremlin Museum – permanent collection of the works of Piotr Petrovichev