Oswald Poreau Paintings

1877 - 1955

Oswald Poreau was born in Schaerbeek in 1877 and died in Waterloo in 1955. He was a realist painter whose work focused on luminosity> He also worked as an engraver, and lithographer.

He received his training at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels both in painting and in architecture. He was trained between 1895 to 1900 by Joseph Stallaert and Joseph Quinaux and for architecture by Ernest Acker.

According to Georges Eekhoud “the work of Oswald Poreau gives us both an impression of power and of harmonious progression1”.

He continued his training in Paris in 1905 and was active in Barbizon although is not associated with the Barbizon School.

Exhibitions :
1904: Triennial Antwerp Fair
1952: exhibition at the Schaerbeek Town Hall.

A monument adorned with a bas-relief by René Cliquet was erected in honor of Oswald Poreau at the Josaphat Park in Schaerbeek.