Henri Pierre Picou

1824 - 1895


Henri Pierre Picou was a pupil of Delaroche and Gleyre. He first exhibited at the Paris Salon of 1847 and was awarded second prize in the Grand Prix de Rome in 1853. He also received a silver medal in 1857. Picou executed frescoes in the church of Bon Secours in Nantes in 1858 and also in the chapel of the Holy Apostles in the church of St-Roch.


Museum and Gallery Holdings


Aix: Cleopatra and Anthony on the River Cydnus

Amiens: Cleopatra Scorned by Caesar Octavianus

Nantes: Celebration of Nature; The River Styx; The Miraculous Draught of Fishes


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Innocence Henri Pierre Picou

c. 1890
Oil on panel


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Innocence by Henri Pierre Picou - Sold

The Kiss Henri Pierre Picou

Oil on panel


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The Kiss by Henri Pierre Picou - Sold

Vénus et les Amours Henri Pierre Picou

Oil on canvas


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Vénus et les Amours by Henri Pierre Picou - Sold