Henri Alphonse Barnoin Paintings

1882 - 1935

Henri Alphonse Barnoin, born on July 7, 1882, and died in Paris in 1940, is a French painter. Born in a milieu of artists, Henri Barnoin is the pupil of Luc-Olivier Merson and Émile Charles Dameron at the École des beaux-Arts de Paris. During the year 1909, Henri Alphonse Barnoin exhibited for the first time his works at the Salon de Paris and obtained an honorable mention. This will be followed by a silver medal in 1921 and a gold medal in 1935. He came to Concarneau in 1912, where he settled permanently for a part of the year from 1919. Having a shop on the Quai Pénéroff, he was the privileged witness of the animation of the port, that he keeps painting and then member of the group of Concarneau. The numerous French and foreign painters were attracted to this city and its region at the end of the nineteenth century and in the first half of the twentieth century. Also a pastel artist, he likes to play with light effects such as sunrises and sunsets (he is sometimes referred to as a post-impressionist painter), but also often represents groups of traditional dressed Breton women, fishermen and other port themes, Market scenes, processions, but also rocky coastal landscapes. He became an official naval painter in 1926.