Gustave Jean Jacquet Paintings

1846 - 1909

acquet was a pupil of Bouguereau. He began exhibiting at the Salon de Paris in 1865, receiving a third-class medal in 1868 with his Army Outing in the 16th Century, and a first-class medal in 1875. He was decorated with the Légion d’Honneur in 1879. Jacquet’s Salon debut, The Reverie, was painted in the style of Bouguereau. In his small canvases depicting genre subjects, he evoked the elegance of the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, with a conscientious attention to detail. In his portraits, he sometimes preferred to redress his models in the shimmering costumes of the 16th century. He worked tirelessly, producing many paintings, imbuing them with a sometimes exaggerated minuteness.

Museum and Gallery Holdings


Blois: Army Outing

Brooklyn, NY: Head of a Young Girl

Château-Thierry: Cavalier

Chicago (AI): The Queen of the Camp; Young Woman

La Rochelle: watercolour

New York (Metropolitan Mus. of Art): The Reverie

Paris (MAM): Young Girl with the Lizard

Rouen: Woman in a Bonnet (watercolour, miniature)

Sheffield (AG): Sport, Music and Good News