Gabriel Loppe

1825 - 1913


He went to live in Dauphiné and then in Geneva, where he was the student of François Diday. In 1870, he built his own studio in Chamonix, which later became the Loppé museum. From 1881, he spent the winters in Paris. He was very well-known in England and exhibited regularly in London, where he became a member of the Royal Academy. He was also a mountaineer and he painted mountains, peaks and lakes in modulated light.


Museum and Gallery Holdings


Chamonix (Mus. Loppé): Crevasses on the ‘Mer de Glace’ (Sea of Ice), Mont-Blanc (1885)

Geneva (Mus. Ariana): Glacier near the ‘Jardin de Glace’ (Ice Garden) at Mont-Blanc




Gabriel Loppé: peintre et alpiniste, Glénat, Grenoble, 2002.

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Sunset at Chamonix – The Alps Gabriel Loppe

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Sunset at Chamonix – The Alps
by Gabriel Loppe

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Monte Framont – Dolomites, Italy Gabriel Loppe

c. 1880
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Monte Framont – Dolomites, Italy
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