Eugene Antoine Durenne

1860 - 1944


Eugène Antoine Durenne did not begin painting until 1895, previously working as a stenographer and deputy. He became a friend of Picasso. From 1937 onwards he lived in the department of the Ain, in Savoy and finally in Dourgne. From 1900 onwards he devoted himself entirely to painting in Paris, Normandy and Brittany, and with his friends Valtat, Albert André, d’Espagnat, Vuillard and Bonnard explored Marseilles, Toulon, Antibes, Villefranche and Italy, where he expressed his love of nature.


Durenne first exhibited in 1894 in Paris at the 8th exhibition of Impressionists and Symbolists at the Galerie Le Barc de Bouteville. In 1898 he showed a self-portrait at the Salon of the Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts. He exhibited genre studies, seascapes and landscapes at the Salon d’Automne from its foundation in 1903 till 1913, and in 1964 at the Salon Terres Latines (of Latin countries); in several provincial venues such as Béziers, Nantes and Mulhouse, in 1977 at the Tavet museum in Pontoise, and elsewhere. His solo shows included 1978, the city museum in Brest; and 1983, the Pissarro museum in Pontoise.


Museum and Gallery Holdings


Le Havre (Mus. Malraux): The Menagerie

Nice (MBA Jules-Chéret): The Cargo-Boat

Nice (Palais Lascaris)

Paris (Louvre): Dressing

Toulouse: Embroidery Lesson; Child with Doll


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Au Piano en Bonne Compagnie Eugene Antoine Durenne

Oil on board


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Au Piano en Bonne Compagnie by Eugene Antoine Durenne - Sold

Coucher De Soleil Eugene Antoine Durenne



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Coucher De Soleil by Eugene Antoine Durenne - Sold

La Robe Bleue Eugene Antoine Durenne

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La Robe Bleue by Eugene Antoine Durenne

The Recital Eugene Antoine Durenne

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The Recital by Eugene Antoine Durenne - Sold

Toilette Eugene Antoine Durenne

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Toilette by Eugene Antoine Durenne - Sold