Charles Neal Paintings

Charles Neal is an english impressionist painter who was born in Surrey in 1951. In his early teens he began his studies under Malcolm Domingo and Frances Lane-Mason.

In his late 20’s Neal moved to the Cotswolds and so began his career which led him to become one of the most important modern day impressionist painters. He became captivated by the light and colour of nature and began capturing that on his canvases. He worked extensively in the Cotswolds as he does today as well as travelling across Europe and notably France to capture the landscapes there.

His work has been exhibited in galleries in New York, London, and Palm Beach. In 1994, when the Museum of Garden History hosted a show on Neal’s work, the Prince of Wales came to open the exhibition. Neal is now represented by the Findlay Galleries in the United States where he continues to show his work on a regular basis.