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1875 - 1958

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Armand François Joseph Henrion was born in Liège in Belgium on May 30, 1875. He died in Paris in 1958. He eventually naturalized as a French citizen.

He was a regular exhibitor at various Salons throughout Paris and Belgium. He was best known for his small portraits depicting smiling facial expressions of clowns – these works are actually self portraits of the artist himself who would spend his days painting before a mirror in whatever costume or facial expression he chose depending on his mood..

Henrion had an all-consuming fascination with the character of Pierrot. Henrion portrayed himself as this comic trickster, who traditionally did not wear a mask, but instead applied heavy white face make-up. Henrion explored nuances of humor in his works which encompass the facial expressions conveying such qualities as the tongue-in-cheek, the retort, the comeback, the riposte, and the droll comment. His animated, gestural style in the creation of the small, jewel-like, depictions matches the feelings they convey of a light-hearted sense that life is to be enjoyed.

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