Edward Atkinson Hornel

1864 - 1933


Edward Hornel’s father, a Scot, brought him to Scotland from Australia in 1866. He began to study in Edinburgh in 1881, but two years later he left to work in Antwerp for two years with Verlat. He returned to Scotland in 1885. He travelled to Japan in 1893 and 1894, then settled in Kirkcudbright, Scotland. He first exhibited at the Edinburgh Exhibition in 1883, and also showed his work at the Grosvenor Gallery in London in 1890. He was a member of the International Society of Painters and Engravers and an associate member of the New Gallery.
Group Exhibitions

2005, Painting at the Edge: Britain’s Coastal Art Colonies (1880-1930), Penlee House Gallery and Museum, Penzance, Cornwall
Solo Exhibitions

1982, Fine Art Society, Glasgow
Museum and Gallery Holdings

Bradford (Cartwright Hall AG): The Pool (1904, oil on canvas)
Edinburgh (Scottish Nat. Gal.): The Music of the Woods (1906, oil on canvas)
Glasgow (AG and Mus.): The Coming of Spring (1899, oil on canvas)
Glasgow (Hunterian AG, University of Glasgow): Music, or Two Figures in a Landscape (1889, oil on canvas); Gathering Primroses (1901, oil on canvas)
Greenock (McLean Mus. and AG): Spring (1903, oil on canvas); Primrose Time (1910, oil on canvas)
Harrogate (Mercer AG): Portrait of an Old Man in Scarlet Tunic (1881, oil on canvas)
Leeds (City AG): Tamil Water Carriers (1909, oil on canvas); Springtime (1904, oil on canvas)
Liverpool (Lady Lever AG): The Captive Butterfly (1905, oil on canvas)
Liverpool (Walker AG): Summer (1891, oil on canvas)
London (Tate Collection): Autumn (1904, oil on canvas)


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Gathering Flowers by a River Edward Atkinson Hornel

Oil on canvas


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Gathering Flowers by a River by Edward Atkinson Hornel

Rolling Easter Eggs Edward Atkinson Hornel

Oil on canvas


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Rolling Easter Eggs by Edward Atkinson Hornel

Watching the Butterflies – Brighouse Bay Edward Atkinson Hornel

Oil on original canvas


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Watching the Butterflies – Brighouse Bay by Edward Atkinson Hornel