Winter – Fontainebleau Forest
by Victor Alfred Paul Vignon


GBP Pound Sterling

Country of origin: France

Medium: Oil on canvas

Signed: Signed lower left

Dated: c. 1870

Condition: Some light crazing to surface otherwise very good

Size: 13.50" x 16.00" (34.3cm x 40.6cm)

Framed size: 23.00" x 25.50" (58.4cm x 64.8cm)

Provenance: Galerie Commeter - Hamburg c. 1920
French exhibition customs stamps verso

Further information

This early work by Vignon was painted whilst he was under the tutelage of Camille Corot in the period between 1869 and 1870 . The work shows a mother and child in the forest at Fontainebleau in winter. Many painters in Vignon's circle such as Monet, Renoir, Sisley and Bazille visited this area to paint in the late 1860's and the early 1870's.

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His mother has been incorrectly identified as the writer Claude Vignon but was in reality one Catherine Bouchard. Victor Vignon was a pupil of Corot around 1869. In 1884, he exhibited to great success. This pupil of Corot, a subsequent friend of Cals and companion of Pissarro and Cézanne at Auvers-sur-Oise in 1874-1876, went on to exhibit alongside the Impressionists from 1880 to 1886.


Victor Vignon constitutes a tenuous link between Corot, the Impressionists and the Barbizon School. His output consisted chiefly of still-lifes and landscapes. His bistre wash technique set him radically apart from his Impressionist friends and fellow painters, as did indeed his predilection for brooding skies and heavy clouds, snowscapes and sunken country roads.


After his death, examples of his work were featured in a themed exhibition entitled Between Heaven and Earth: Camille Pissarro and the Painters of the Oise Valley (Entre ciel et terre, Camille Pissaro et les peintres de la vallée de l'Oise) held at the Tavet-Delacour Museum in Pontoise. In 2002, that same museum mounted a solo exhibition of Vignon's body of work, the first such exhibition since World War II.


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