On the coast – Marseille
by Alfred Casile

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Born 1848, in Marseilles; died 1909.

Painter, watercolourist. Landscapes, seascapes.
Casile exhibited at the Salon des Artistes Français from 1879 onwards, receiving an honourable mention in 1881 and a bronze medal award in 1885. He was an admirer of Corot and a close friend of Boudin and Jongkind. Casile lived in Paris but often worked along the Channel coastline, where he painted strikingly accurate views that captured the grey northern light and the vast leaden skies above the flat cliffs bordering the North Sea. Towards the end of his life he returned to his native Mediterranean coast, where he painted more brightly coloured and more sharply profiled views of the coast off Marseilles and the Var region.

Museum and Gallery Holdings

Aix: Ruins at Fos (Provence)
Béziers: Harbour Roads in Marseilles
Grenoble: Durance River at Orgon
Tourcoing: Rochers d'Orgon (Provence)