Madonna & Child Studio of Bernardino Lanino


GBP Pound Sterling

Country of origin: Italy

Medium: Oil on panel

Dated: c. 1550

Condition: Very good for age

Size: 22.00" x 16.00" (55.9cm x 40.6cm)

Provenance: Expertised by Cabinet Turquin - Paris (Ref: 18141)

Artist biography

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Bernardino Lanino was a pupil of Gaudenzio Ferrari, whose style he assimilated so completely that, were it not for the signature, his first significant work might be mistaken for that of his teacher. The work is the fresco of the Martyrdom of St Catherine, signed and dated 1546, which can still be seen in S Caterina, Milan. Virgin with St Anne and Madonna Surrounded by Saints (Brera) belong to the same period. For a long time, until Lomazzo discovered the signature, the Pietà (dated 1557) in S Giuliano, Vercelli, was attributed to Gaudenzio Ferrari.   Many works were commissioned from Lanino and in Navarre Cathedral he painted The Eternal Father, Sibyls and the three Scenes from the Life of the Virgin. Also by Lanino is the Last Supper in S Nazzaro Grande, Milan. Museum and Gallery Holdings   Berlin (Bodemus.): Visitation Dijon: Holy Family London (NG): The Madonna and Child with Saint Mary Magdalene, Saint Gregory, Saint Joseph (?) and Saint Paul (1543, oil/wood); Holy Family Milan (Pinacoteca di Brera): St Martha; Mary Magdalene; Angels; St Francis of Assisi; Holy Family; Adoration of the Child Jesus; Baptism of Jesus; Madonna with Jesus and Saints Turin (Pinacoteca): Entombment; Virgin with Saints Varallo: Descent of the Holy Spirit