Michiel Coxie

1499 - 1592


A pupil of his father and of Barent van Orley, Michiel Coxie I went with Van Orley to Rome, where they together directed the making of Vatican tapestries. He probably did not work with Raphael, as has been claimed, but he was influenced by him and painted pictures in the church dell’Anima commissioned by Cardinal van Enckevoort, whose portrait he also painted, and a Resurrection in the old basilica of St Peter’s; in 1532 he painted Story of Psyche.


In 1539, on returning to Mechelen, Coxie became a member of the guild and in 1543 was made a citizen of Brussels. From 1542 to 1556 he drew the cartoons for the windows of St-Gudule, Brussels and from 1557 to 1559 he worked in Ghent, where he copied the paintings of Van Eyck. In 1582 he was in Antwerp and painted the wings of a picture by Quentin Massys and a Judgement of Solomon in the town hall; the entire town council fêted him like a prince. Philippe appointed him court painter; François I did all he could to attract him to Paris; he decorated the Château Binche for Charles V and Marie of Hungary (destroyed in 1552); he drew cartoons for tapestries of the Battle of Muhlberg; Charles V had from him four paintings of the life of Jesus, and Archduke Matthias the wings of the retable of St-Rombout, Mechelen.


Michiel Coxie I fell to his death from scaffolding while restoring his Judgement of Solomon in Antwerp town hall. He left a great fortune and a fine collection of pictures. Among his pupils were his sons Raphael and Willem Marcus Willems and several Mechelen painters.


Museum and Gallery Holdings


Antwerp: Martyrdom of St Sebastian; Martyrdom of St George; Triumph of Christ; Judgement of Solomon

Berlin: Adoration of the Lamb (copy after van Eyck); God the Father Enthroned

Béziers: Portrait of a Woman

Béziers (MBA Hôtel Fabrégat): Portrait of a Woman in a White Cap

Brussels: The Washing of Feet; Christ on the Mount of Olives (triptych); Death of the Virgin; Assumption; Pentecost; Donors (reverse) (triptych); Crown of Thorns

Brussels (Cathedral of Ste-Gudule): Life of St Gudule (triptych); Christ on the Cross (triptych)

Brussels (Church of St-Géry): Christ Insulted

Geneva: Horsemen Climbing a Road

Ghent (Church of St-Jacobs): David Conquers Goliath; St Joachim and St Anne; Christ between the Thieves

Glasgow: Madonna and Child

Liège: St Cecilia

Louvain (Church of Ste-Gertrude): triptych

Louvain (Town Hall): triptych

Madrid: Death of the Virgin (triptych)

Mechelen (Sint-Rombouts Kathedraal): Circumcision (architecture of H. Vredeman de Vries); Martyrdom of St George (triptych); St Sebastian (triptych)

Munich: St Mary and St John

Prague: Martyrdom of St John, St John on Patmos

Rome (Church of the Anima): Frescoes of the Life of St Barbara

St Petersburg (Hermitage): Annunciation

Valenciennes: Carrying the Cross

Vienna (Liechtenstein Mus.): Christ Carrying the Cross

Vienna (Österreichische Gal. Belvedere): Fall of Adam; Gate of Paradise

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