Jan Pauwel Gillemans The Younger

1651 - 1704


He is recorded in Antwerp in 1666 as a pupil of his father, Jan Pauwel Gillemans the Elder, and of Joris van Son. He was accepted as a master of the Antwerp Guild of St Luke in 1674. He married Isabelle Maria van de Eynde (the daughter of the sculptor Norbert van de Eynde) in 1693 and remarried in 1698 following Isabella’s death. He is also recorded as a member of the artists’ guild in Middelburg in 1675 and 1702. Another account of his life, given in Bryan’s Dictionary of Painters, states that he was active in Paris after 1673, had returned to Amsterdam by 1713 and died by drowning in a canal in 1742. These details, however, do not correspond to the documented dates of his life. Some of his pictures have been incorrectly attributed to his father.


Museum and Gallery Holdings


Barnard Castle (Bowes Mus.): Fruits and Vegetables (1674, oil on canvas)

Bergues: Garland Surrounding a Female Portrait by Ykens

Douai: Flowers Surrounding a Medallion

Fredensborg: Garland Surrounding a Portrait of Christian V of Denmark

La Fère: Vertumnus and Pomona

Toulouse: Cupids with Garlands of Flowers

Valenciennes: Grapes and other Fruit

Vienna (Schönborn-Buckheim): Garland of Fruit; Children at Play; Bowl Surrounded by Fruit

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The Holy Family Jan Pauwel Gillemans The Younger

c. 1695
Oil on copper panel


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The Holy Family
by Jan Pauwel Gillemans The Younger

The Madonna & Child Jan Pauwel Gillemans The Younger

c. 1695
Oil on copper


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The Madonna & Child
by Jan Pauwel Gillemans The Younger

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