Alexei Alekseevich Harlamoff Paintings

1840 - 1925


Aleksei Alekseevich Harlamoff studied at the academy of fine arts in St Petersburg where he won a scholarship for his painting The Return of the Prodigal Son in 1868. He travelled to Paris where he worked for a time with Léon Bonnat at the École des Beaux-Arts. He painted a series of portraits including: Ivan Turgenev; Pauline Viardot-Garcia; Tsar Alexander II; Prince Demidoff-San Donato. We also owe several genre subjects to him such as Music Hour, as well as some heads of children and of young girls from Italy and Bohemia.

Museum and Gallery Holdings

Greenock (McLean Mus. and AG): The Sisters (c. 1870, oil on canvas)
Los Angeles (Getty Mus.): Sweet Thoughts (1890s, oil on canvas)
Moscow (Rumiantsev Mus.): A Head
Moscow (State Tretyakov Gal.): Portrait de E. A. Tretiakova
St Petersburg: Head of Bohemian Boy; Portrait of I. S. Turgenev

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