Alexandre Louis Dubourg

1821 - 1891


Alexandre Dubourg studied with L. Cogniet in Paris and showed work in the Paris Salons from 1859 to 1880. He did not often leave Honfleur, where he painted views of the town, its changing skies, its markets, lighthouses, beaches, quays, narrow houses and so on. These paintings include his Fish Market – Pork Fair. He was a friend of Boudin, and established the Eugène Boudin museum in Honfleur, where he was the first curator.

Museum and Gallery Holdings


Fécamp (Mus. des Arts et de l’Enfance): Market in Honfleur

Honfleur (Mus. Eugène Boudin): Fishing Boats; Hospice Lighthouse; The Three Graces Fountain in Caen; Girl at Work; St Catherine Market in Honfleur; Rue de l’Homme des Bois; Landscape and Chickens; Market in Honfleur

Louviers (Mus. municipal): Harvesters

Trouville-sur-Mer: Meal in St-Siméon


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Jeux Champetres a Honfleur Alexandre Louis Dubourg

c. 1880
Oil on panel


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Jeux Champetres a Honfleur by Alexandre Louis Dubourg