DOROTHEA SHARP (1874-1955)

Mother & Children

Country of Origin England
Dated c. 1935
Medium Oil on canvas
Signed/Dated Signed lower left
Dimensions 30.00inch wide (76.20 cm wide)
26.00inch high (66.04 cm high)
Framed Dimensions 38.00inch wide (96.52 cm wide)
34.00inch high (86.36 cm high)
Price gbp 16500.00 (Pound Sterling)
Condition Excellent

DOROTHEA SHARP (1874-1955) Biography

Dorothea Sharp was a landscape, flower and figurative painter. She studied both in London and in Paris. The editor of THE ARTIST journal of 1935 said of her”I think the attractions of Miss Sharps delightful pictures are her happy choice of subjects,and her beautiful colour schemes.Rollicking children in strong sunlight,playing in delightful surroundings,her subjects live because they are based on the joy of life” In Paris she was directly influenced by the French impressionists,particularly Monet’s treatment of subject and colour.She believed colour to be as important as drawing in the creation of a work. Sharp was a competant figure , landscape and flower painter working quickly with a heavily loaded brush. Her pictures have a fresh colour ,movement and warmth that fit perfectly with the youth and vivacity of her subjects. Sharp exibited widley at the major institutions and societies of the day. RBA ROI ASWA SWA RA .


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