ALBERTO PASINI (1826-1899)

Fishermen in a Punt

Country of Origin Italy
Dated 1851
Medium Oil on panel
Signed/Dated Signed lower right & dated 1851
Dimensions 10.00inch wide (25.40 cm wide)
7.00inch high (17.78 cm high)

ALBERTO PASINI (1826-1899) Biography

Alberto Pasini studied at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Parma and was also taught by Ciceri, Isabey and Théodore Rousseau. In 1851, after having fought in the first war of independence, Pasini moved to Paris, where he worked in Chassériau's studio and discovered oriental art. He became close to the painters from the Barbizon school. In 1855 he visited the Middle East, where he worked as an official artist for Prosper Bourré's diplomatic mission. He subsequently returned to Paris before leaving for the East once again. This time he stayed in Constantinople (1868-69), Syria and Lebanon. In 1870 he settled in Piedmont, near to Turin in a small town named Cavoretto, and subsequently visited Venice, Athens and Spain. He was awarded medals at the Exposition Universelle in Paris (1859, 1863, 1864 and 1899), and received the Légion d'Honneur in 1868.
Alberto Pasini painted numerous oriental subjects and, in particular, the city of Constantinople, as well as the streets of Venice. He had a liking for golden light and bright blues and he painted picturesque subjects realistically. His works are vibrant and intensive: they show a very lively world, and their modern construction removes any nostalgia the subject matter could suggest.
He showed at the Paris Salon (1853), at the Exposition Universelle (1859, 1863, 1864 and 1899) and in Vienna (1873). His work has also been shown in two retrospectives held in 1996: Alberto Pasini from Parma to Constantinople via Paris, organised by the Fondazione Cassa di Rispamio, Parma; and Alberto Pasini: Eastern travels, 1855-1856: Egypt, Arabia, Yemen, Persia and Turkey, at the Sibernagl gallery in Milan.
Museum and Gallery Holdings
Amsterdam: Horse Enclosure in Algeria
Boston (MFA)
Chicago (AI)
Florence (Gal. d'Arte Moderna): Caravan in the Desert
Florence (Uffizi): Self-portrait of the Artist
Luxembourg: Three Studies of the Orient
Montreal: At the Entrance to the Mosque
Montreal (Learmont Collection): The Entrance to the Bazaar in Cairo
Mulhouse: The Door to a Khan
Nantes: Door of Yeni Cami Mosque in Constantinople
New York (Metropolitan Mus. of Art)
Prato: Caravan in the Desert
Rheims: Two Landscapes
Rouen: Grazing on the Route from Tehran to Tabriz
Sydney: Horse Fair in Syria
Turin (Gal. Civica d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea): Camel Drivers in the Desert

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